The AS3 Artbeat API by Reuben Stanton

Hi there

The AS3 Artbeat API is a handy Actionscript 3.0 wrapper that any flash developer can use to access the Tokyo Art Beat and New York Art Beat APIs.

The wrapper allows you to build flash applications that make direct API calls using artBeatEvents.eventSearchNear() and eventsLists.getList() and returns sensible Actionscript objects like ArtBeatEvents and Venues - there is no need to do any XML parsing.

You can use it to build flash apps like this one.


The Actionscript source is currently undocumented (until I get my act together). Documentation on the API itself is available from Tokyo Art Beat.


Download the AS3 Artbeat API here:

The AS3 Artbeat API is released under the GNU General Public Licence.


Contact me if you have any questions about the API, or better yet, join the Artbeat API Google group.